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Import Collada: instance_node incorrectly handled
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Try to import attached collada file.
The meshes are incorrectly placed, except the first one.
The collada scene contains instance_nodes referencing a classic node instantiating some geometry.
--> the classic node is correctly placed
--> it seems that the instance_node matrix isn't combined with the instantiated node matrix to get the final matrix for other nodes

See attached picture of correct result in Maya 2008 + OpenCOLLADA



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Same -problem, 2.4 ok 2.5 beta no joy. Fails at initial import see attached error report and dae file. This file is from Goole Sketchup SU 7.1 free and was extracted form a Google earth KMZ

Fixed and committed in r35429. Thanks for reporting!

Thanks, this is much better now and this fixes the attached model.
However I'm afraid the fix is incomplete.
I slightly modified the instance_nodes model to add an offset to the scene root node, so that everything is translated by (100.0, 100.0) (model
There's still an error in Blender 2.56.6 r36007, see picture comparison "offset_instance_nodes.png" between Maya and Blender

I can't seem to be able to re-open it and attach new files...

It seems that this problem is still present in 2.78c. Most of dae files exported from sketchup I have don't import correctly in blender. I tried to build a small file exposing the problem :

. This file is imported correctly in Unity. The <instance_node url="#ID4" /> in the visual_scene description seems to be ignored.

Hope this helps