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Rendering resets the given value.
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I don't know if this one is a bug or not. Here is the issue:

1.Go to Materials section > Diffuse panel.

2. Change Intensity 0.800 to 0.100. (example)

3. Right Click and Insert Keyframe.

4. Go to frame 10 for example.

5. Change the value to 1.000

6. Before inserting any keyframe again, render the scene then exit render window.

7. As you can see, rendering resets the given value. I'd like to test my scene before inserting any keyframe but this seems impossible.

r 34763
Windows XP Pro
Geforce 8600 GT


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Rendering calls an animation system update.
Aligorith, is this a bug?

It's not only about material. When I'm keyframing e.g. Camera, often I want to see render from other angle/position. In 2.4x there was no problem to set position between keyframes and render. Now it's impossible without inserting additional keyframe - new position is reseted to what is computed from F-Curves before rendering. Very annoying.

I've run into this myself, and agree that it would be useful functionality to have.

However, some points related to this to keep in mind:
1) In 2.4x, it seems that only object animation had such "special priviledges", and as that as a result of hacks
2) IIRC the animsys update in render is there so that doing animation renders

I discussed the matter with Joshua and this is not a simple thing to fix as basically anything that updates the scene without explicit hacks will reset keyed values. I'll move this report to the todo-list so that it can be handled once there's some proper design on how to deal with this situation.

In the mean time you can add a couple of keymap entries (User preferences->input->property editor) to speed up keyframe insertion/modification even more. You can add anim.keyframe_insert_button to a hot key to insert/replace keyframes and anim.keyframe_delete_button to an other hot key to delete keyframes really quickly. I know this isn't a real fix, but will hopefully help a bit.

Janne Karhu (jhk) closed this task as Archived.Feb 28 2011, 10:20 AM