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bbone flips when crossing Bone Z axis
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When rotating bbones over the bonespace Z axis, the bbone experiences a twist-flip.
Since BBones are bezier curves, this corresponds to the old 'Z-up' method of twist. However, Blender has better ways of handling bezier twists, so it would be nice to get these working for BBones.

Attached is a .blend file with two armatures. in the selected armature, when you scrub the animation, you'll see a nasty twist in one of the bbones; in the other armature it doesn't twist even though the visual rotation looks the same; this is because the bone rolls in the two chains are 90 degrees off, so that one armature crosses Z (the one that flips) and the other crosses X (and doesn't flip)

OS GNU/Linux 64 bit, Intel.. but I suspect this is not architecture dependent.

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I copied the report to the wiki todo, it's a nice project for new devs or when maintenance is being done on Armatures in general.
Thanks for report, but closed as todo item...

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