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Render.exe mangles paths in mysterious and awesome ways
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A client is making use of Deadline 4.1 and Blender 2.56a and are getting a very strange problem. Here's Deadline's relevant output:

0: INFO: Render Executable: "C:\Program Files\blender-2.56a\blender.exe"
0: INFO: Render Argument: -b "C:\Users\um3d-heise\AppData\Local\Prime Focus\Deadline\slave\jobsData\wideHD.blend" -t 0 -o "R:\heise\blender\image.#####.png" -s 1651 -e 1675 -a
0: INFO: Startup Directory: "C:\Program Files\blender-2.56a"
0: INFO: Process Priority: BelowNormal
0: INFO: Process is now running
0: STDOUT: found bundled python: C:\PROGRA~1\BLENDE~1.56A\2.56\python
0: STDOUT: read blend: C:\Users\um3d-heise\AppData\Local\Prime Focus\Deadline\slave\jobsData\wideHD.blend
0: STDOUT: Saved: R:\heise\blender\image.01651.pngl/Prime Focus/Deadline/slave/jobsData/wideHD.blend.png Time: 00:47.56
0: STDOUT: Saved: R:\heise\blender\image.01652.pngl/Prime Focus/Deadline/slave/jobsData/wideHD.blend.png Time: 00:46.76
0: STDOUT: Saved: R:\heise\blender\image.01653.pngl/Prime Focus/Deadline/slave/jobsData/wideHD.blend.png Time: 00:46.85
0: STDOUT: Saved: R:\heise\blender\image.01654.pngl/Prime Focus/Deadline/slave/jobsData/wideHD.blend.png Time: 00:46.52
0: STDOUT: Saved: R:\heise\blender\image.01655.pngl/Prime Focus/Deadline/slave/jobsData/wideHD.blend.png Time: 00:46.65
0: STDOUT: Saved: R:\heise\blender\image.01656.pngl/Prime Focus/Deadline/slave/jobsData/wideHD.blend.png Time: 00:48.13
0: STDOUT: Saved: R:\heise\blender\image.01657.pngl/Prime Focus/Deadline/slave/jobsData/wideHD.blend.png Time: 00:47.38

Deadline is just running the executable and arguments on a standard command line, and the switches all look fine. The paths that it saves the renders to however are some sort of zainy amalgam of the project path and the output.

I have to assume this is a bug in Blender.



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Hi, I tried to redo this bug by creating paths like yours with 2.56a and latest svn r35132 but couldn't.

"C:\Documents and Settings\ass\Desktop\blender-2.56a-beta-windows32\blender.exe" -b "C:\Users\um3d-heise\AppData\Local\Prime Focus\Deadline\slave\jobsData\wideHD.blend" -t 0 -o "M:\heise\blender\image.#####.png" -s 1651 -e 1675 -a

The resulting ouput names I get are like this

If you want to prove it's a real Bkender bug, exclude the unknown "Deadline 4.1" from the test, and type commands in a terminal or dos box.
Then put an example .blend here in tracker showing the error.

Mac OS X 10.5.8 / Mobility Radeon 9700M / SVN 35126

I wonder if this is related to this...

In the last week or so, I've been getting unusual library linking errors because Blender seems to be looking in the wrong place for linked libraries (see attached file).

In the master blender file paving96.blend all paths are set to be relative, and the render is initiated from the pwd (/Users/user/compile/install/darwin/ so the master_lib location is in the $PWD/master_lib/ however Blender seems all of a sudden to expect to find it here: /Users/user/Library/Application Support/Blender/2.56/config/master_lib/ and then sorts itself out and looks in the right place - very odd.

This example come from a project too large to sensibly upload, but I'm sure I can contrive a more concise example to demonstrate it if you require.

Sorry chaps, ignore everything I wrote; a stale default between compiles caused what I reported :-( all's well with 35190.

In that case I close the report :)

Please note that I was not the original reporter, Edwin's issue may still remain.

Indeed it might still remain!

This was a bug reported by a client, so I don't have the blend file unfortunately. I'm still waiting on his response to be able to provide more information on this.

Also, as one of the past developers of Deadline, I know that Deadline is in fact running that command from the console, it just pipes the output to that log. To be specific, it's using a C# Process object, which is equivalent to the command line.

I'll also give reproducing this problem a shot. It does seem very odd. If I'm not able to and the client stays silent, we'll have to close this report anyway.

I was in fact able to reproduce this from the command line. Same options and paths as in the first report. Please not the attempted output path of "R:\heise\blender\image.01651.pngFocus/Deadline/slave/jobsData/wideHD.blend.png" and how it's some amalgam of the input path and the output path. The working directory was "C:\Users\Edwin" and this was run on Windows 7 32 bit. I'll attach the blend file as well. Could it be that the username has a number in it?

I created the zainy long path:
C:\Users\um3d-heise\AppData\Local\Prime Focus\Deadline\slave\jobsData
with a default blend file named wideHD.blend

and ran the render through. It mangles the path still. The output for me was as follows:

C:\Users\Edwin>"c:\Program Files\Blender\blender.exe" -b "C:\Users\um3d-heise\Ap
pData\Local\Prime Focus\Deadline\slave\jobsData\wideHD.blend" -t 0 -o "R:\heise\
blender\image.#####.png" -s 1651 -e 1675 -a
found bundled python: c:\PROGRA~1\Blender\2.56\python
read blend: C:\Users\um3d-heise\AppData\Local\Prime Focus\Deadline\slave\jobsDat
Fra:1651 Mem:3.04M (0.10M, peak 3.52M) | Preparing Scene data
[[[removed for brevity's sake]]]
Fra:1651 Mem:2.96M (17.83M, peak 25.36M) Sce: Scene Ve:8 Fa:6 La:1
Unable to create directory

Unable to create directory

Unable to create directory

Unable to create directory

Unable to create directory

Unable to create directory

Unable to create directory

imb_savepng: Cannot open file for writing: 'R:\heise\blender\image.01651.pngFocu
No such file or directory
Render error: cannot save R:\heise\blender\image.01651.pngFocus/Deadline/slave/j
Time: 00:01.11
*bpy stats* - tot exec: 4, tot run: 0.0000sec, average run: 0.000000sec, tot
usage 0.0001%

Blender quit

Well, I fail at uploading. It can be reproduced with a plain blender file however. Just make a new scene and save that. If you need anything from me, I'm more than willing to help.

Somehow the 2nd part of the string, after the space:
C:\Users\um3d-heise\AppData\Local\Prime Focus\Deadline\slave\jobsData\wideHD.blend

gets appended to the file output name...

Hmm, I see similar broken output after all. Investigating more.

Fixed in r35280. Thanks for reporting and insisting :)

No problem, I do exactly the same support/fixing thing here at Thinkbox. Just out of curiosity as a programmer, what was the problem?