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Collada exporter id's not unique
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The collada specs specifies that id's need to be unique. However, currently id are not unique.
Steps to reproduce.
1. In Default workspace Use the Cube.
2. Name the material the same. ie Cube.
3. Export as collada dae file.
4. notice that the id is named "Cube" in library materials
5. notice that the id is named "Cube" in visual scene.

Recommend that id be unique but add in name attribute which can be the same



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Don't know about this colada spec... but if so, then Nathan can default to use id->name itself, not id->name+2
That's how blender keeps it all with unique names :)

Indeed, leaving in the blender ID code is good enough. Most other exporters tag their id's too.

I'm a bit new to building blender. I was wondering if there was a binary repository for nightly builds so that I can test the revision?
Thanks all.