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Can't restore dynamics after suspending them.
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Open blend, press P.

Press S to suspend dynamics, press R to resume them.

Resume working in 2.56 but not in latest svn. Something happened with the bullet upgrade?

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Confirmed. I really suspect is related to the bullet update as well. Erwin are you still following the tracker? Could you take a look at that?

Moved from Blender 2.5 Bug Tracker to Game Engine

moving it to GE tracker though :)

I was looking into the ge and I may have found the problem
In CcdPhyscisEnvironment::updateCcdPhysicsController(...) the obj is removed from
m_dynamicsWorld and added back later, but when adding is back it loses it's
btRigidBody "status" and becomes a btCollisionObject in the dynamicsWorld.

I attached a "here's the problem"-patch, it's not a proper fix though

The patch by Juha looks right. Can you try the latest trunk revision?

Erwin Coumans (erwin) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Resolved.Mar 29 2011, 6:06 PM