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Driver/Subsurf Update delay.
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I am using Blender SVN Rev 35955 on a Fedora 14 Linux Box.

There is Demo Blender file attached.

The scene in the 3D Viewport consist of 2 cubes. Each has a subsurf modifier upon them.

The Driven cube object has 2 drivers on its View and Render subsurf fields, which are effected by the value of the Driver cube subsurf View level.

So altering the Driver cubes subsurf View level will alter the Driven cubes View and Render subsurf values to match the View value of the Driver cube.

Unfortunately it does not seem to work as expected.

The Driven cube only seems to update in the 3d Viewport to reflect the values of the Driver cubes View value when you select it and TAB cycle it, this is also the case for the Render view (F12) as well. This seems to be the same for the interface panels also because setting the Driver View value to 5 and then selecting the Driven cube, you will notice that its View and Render values still show the old values. They don't update until you TAB cycle the Driven cube.


To Do

Event Timeline

Currently drivers only work reliably when used on transform-related properties. These are inserted in our dependency graph system and get handled on changes.
We have several cases of drivers or fcurves on non-transform properties that lack proper handling or dependencies. It's an old todo, but unfortunately requires a full recode of the core animation-dependency system. On the agenda for this summer hopefully.

Will add this as example in our wiki todo list for future reference.

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