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Grid Floors for Other Dimensions
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In the "Display" settings we can enable or disable the "Floor Grid", which shows a plane at Z=0. However, there is only one plane and it is available in only the on dimension.

This patch makes it possible to show grids on any of the three dimensions. This can be useful if you want to work with multiple reference planes at once, or if you are used to working with other software that has a different notion of which direction is "up".

The attached image shows a screen capture of the applicable part of the UI, enabling a second plane.




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"multi-axis-grids2.diff" has no different behavior, but the code is cleaner and easier to understand.

Cool. It took me a while to get it working(I'm new). This is a non-intrusive feature. Works as expected, like the picture. I used the second patch, and glancing at the code, I noticed that you didn't change it to show_z_floor, probably to make the patch simpler (it would be/act no different than show_floor anyway). I must say, your code is much easier to read than my straighten tool(which has "unintended features" if it's not a single line). Unfortunately, I don't have commit access(I hope), so this is only a review.

It's logical, has little impact on GUI clutter. I'd say there are surely modeling cases when a vertical grid would be the one snapped to often. +1 from me.

I agree, this makes sense. In fact, in other software I regularly use a setting which makes a single grid align to the axis closest to the camera angle, but that's outside of the scope of this patch, ofcourse.

I don't have any problem with this as a feature, so long as it's not enabled by default. With multiple grid floors (walls?) enabled it becomes much more visually clotted. However, it's also useful to have, particularly in those scenarios when you'd rather have a vertical grid rather than a horizontal one. One such scenario is when creating windows in an arch. vis. project.

agree with @Jonathan Williamson (carter2422), but think this can go in (with a bit of cleanup), leave until after 2.74 release.

@Kyle Mills (khonkhortisan), the patch no longer applies, would you mind updating it?

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No news here since month… archiving for now, we can always reopen should the raised points be addressed.