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Name inconsistency in the User Preferences/Themes for Title colour
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Blender 2.57.0 r36147, 64 Bit version on german Win 7 64 Bit Home Premium

The standard UI is grey in grey. It is especially in the properties hard to visually separate the different toolboxes. So i tried to change the colour of the titlefont of these toolboxes to give it more structure. Works like charm. As a suggestion, it would be neat when you could change the colour behind the title too, and even neater when you could make the font for the titles bold or italic.

Now to the problem. You can change this title colour for all editors by changing the colour in the colour chooser box behind the item Region Text Titles in the Themes tab. Except the Properties Editor. Here you have to change the colour in the item Title. This is inconsistent. It should also here be done by a Region Text Titles Item.

What`s a bit irritating is that there is even such a Region Text Titles item present. But this one does nothing as far as i can see. There are two screenshots attached to show the problem more clearly.

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Bah, Themes are a mess. We have a lot properties there in all areas which just do nothing for the area.
Needs fixing at RNA Level i guess. Will investigate.

The more I look at it, the more I hate it :D

We should not distinguish between Region / Space as it's done here.
We should have 3 categories per Space:
-Main (Background of Space and Regions, Text...)
-Panels (The Text of the Panel headers should be the same property in all spaces, should be also used for the open/close triangle)
-Special space theme colors (grid, cursor color...)

Yes, i`ve touched a waspnest here it seems. Sorry bout that ^^

The list sounds good. But i am not sure if this covers all needed cases. What about a rough visualization/scribble of the concept?

Theme colors is indeed a mess, but i wouldn't consider this is a bug. Added to todo list
Thanks for the report, but will close it now.

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