Shadow Only doesnt work with EL
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winXP, SP3, 32bit, Blender 2.57 r36200

Shadow Only (with Shadow and Distance selected) shows shadows only without Environment Lighting enabled.
I think it's a bug because it shows the same even with EL set to 0.00 but checked ON.

Just render my .blend and you'll see the problem.


To Do

This is a known problem. "Shadow and Distance" is more like pre-2.57 compatibility mode. If I understood correctly, it has behaved like this for years and is not "fixed" to not break old .blend files. So you should try other modes instead.

Other modes are good but isn't this mode the best? Is it good to lack of functionality due to compability? If this is so impartant (to compability) then can it be possible to make an option like "compability mode" and checked ON by default? So with unchecked it will be giving expected results on "shadow catchers" with EL checked ON.

If ambient of plane shader is set to 0; render looks like with EL checked OFF.

We can have shadows with EL checked ON.

I don't think a compatibility option is needed. It depends of all scene settings.
In 2.49, ambient of default shader was set to 0.5 and in 2.5X; it is set to 1.

2.5X default settings are better for EL and AO.

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