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Improved Copy Attributes Menu
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This patch adds features to the Copy Attributes addon as well as enabling it by default.

I added 3 new options to the menu:

- Copy All Physical Attributes
- Copy Damping
- Copy Logic Bricks

I also capitalized the return text that appears in the top toolbar (Such as "Damping copied"), to make it look more complete. I tested the new functions, and they all work. When adding "All Physical Attributes", it wasn't clear what is considered a physical attribute and what isn't. I left out "Compound" and "Anisotropic Friction" settings intentionally. Please tell me if those should be included.

Also note that I made a new startup.blend.c file to enable the menu addon by default.

Please review this and tell me if anything needs to be changed, or change it yourself.



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Hi John, As far as your changes to the actual script itself, I don't have any problems myself; you've extended it, so long as it works (I admit I just read your code, didn't test)

poke. Bassam, have you review that recently?

Poke again. Has this been commited yet?

Reviewing the patch once again, I don't have a problem with it at all, and I'm happy to apply John's changes to the copy attributes script (which lives in BF extensions) To do this:

please re-attach a patch with only the changes to the script, and *not* to the startup .blend, since :

a- startup.blend lives in blender svn, while the script lives in bf_extensions
b- I only have commit access to bf_extensions
c- a core developer should approve/disapprove the change to defaults separately from the rest of the patch.

Is this patch still relevant/alive?

There are copy operators in Object->Game menu.
Game menu has no shortcut, no letter access from object menu. G is used for group, A for Apply, M for Mirror, E for Delete.

So, an access from copy attributes addon shortcut is probably faster and still relevant.

It looks good, and probably relevant. I would need some handholding to apply it (not from the perspective of applying the patch, but for getting git commit access as I haven't figured that since the svn days)

Nice. Could you add to [Draw options] also Draw all edges, its missing.

hi, maybe we could make a move & update this?

a problem with this is that it conflicts with the 'copy objects to buffer' option -wich is very useful-
here's a modified version of the add-on that includes that functionality in the menu
it also adds a 'copy transform' option with the combo location/rotation/scale
also 'time_offset' was removed from api in 2.61 I think


if you plan to update the script this could be considered..?

cool, I think I've gotten commit access figured out, my proposed changes are to:

change the interaction in one of three ways:

  1. move functionality into the existing ctrl-L menu which already is used for making copies of some things like modifiers.
  2. keep the functionality in ctrl-C but add the copy buffer to the menu
  3. new hotkey such as ctrl-alt-C that does not conflict with existing ctrl-C in pose and object mode.

Restructure script internals so that adding new functionality is easier, and mesh functionality is brought inline with the same type of code as pose and object mode

Add some missing functionality, and potentially remove duplicated functionality available in other menus such as ctrl_L

@bassam kurdali (bassamk) hi.
I use Copy/Paste Attributes addon many years. And it's really helpful. But it overrides Ctrl-C hotkey in blender. As blender can now copy/paste meshes with Ctrl-C Ctrl-V.
Is it possible to move all the menus into Wkey menu? Like LoopTools menu.
In this way your addon will not override anything.

How about re-adding copy buffer to the top of the menu so as not to disrupt other users? Similar to copy pose in pose mode

In this way you will need to override many operators in different modes.
not the best way i think.
wmenu is for addons tools for sure.

i agree with bassamk it could be added to the top of menu. it does not imply to override many operator.
The addon already does it for pose mode. And menu is only called into object mode, pose mode and mesh edit mode (where Ctrl C is not use).

Actually when i want to copy buffer, I just disable addon shortcut. Maybe a button in toolbar to quickly switch behaviour from standard operator to menu call could be made.
I think that adding menu to W menu that is already long will not help. An interesting aspect of the menu is to use intuitive Ctrl C shortcut.

I use this addon also and when need copy/paste objects > space > type "buf".. and there you have both actions.

closing as archived. copy to buffer is now included in addon. task over 4 years old.