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It should not be possible to resize the operator sub-panel to zero
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1) start up blender
2) make sure the 3dview has the left--side "tool shelf" is enabled
3) grab the separator line above the "operator" subpanel... drag it all the way to the bottom

WITNESS: the operator subpanel disappears entirely, and there is no (obvious) way to get it back. Draggign up from the bottom does not restore it.

EXPECTED: not to be able to lose the operator subpanel.

ideas to fix:

a) prevent the operator subpanel from resizing smaller than the "Operator" heading.
b) prevent the operator subpanel from resizing at all (mirror the behavior of the right-side "property panel" where the subpanels are not resizable)
c) if the operator panel is resized smaller than some minimum height, collapse it and set it to the collapsed height

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funny you report that, confused me just the other day.
the (agreed - not too obvious) way to get the operator back is the [+] button in the bottom right corner of the view.
(see attached shot)

maybe we could move this to the bottom left corner?

I see now the "+" you're referring to. That + is in the bottom right corner of the *3dview*, which on my screen is inside the property panel on the right, and does not at all seem related to the operator/tools panel on the left. This also produces the strange behavior that if you hide the tools panel, that "+" is still hanging out in the 3dview, and if you click it, it appears to do nothing (while it secretly restored the operator subpane inside the hidden tools panel).

It looks like an accident that the "+" was attached to the 3dview, instead of the tools panel. If it were attached to (and inside) the Tools panel, everything would be fine.

This bug was fixed a few days ago as part of a bigger commit:

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Resolved.Jul 5 2011, 12:40 PM