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Maximum value of physics gravity is too small
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Maximum value of physics gravity in game engine (SceneGameData.physics_gravity) is set to 25 m/s^2. It is too small when dealing with scaled scenes (i.e. 1 blender unit = 1 decimeter).
According to when rigid objects are smaller than 0.05 unit precision artifacts can surface. To overcome this the scene should be scaled (expressed in smaller units). When scene is scaled by 10 (1bu = 1dcm) gravity should be scaled by the same factor that is instead 9.81 the gravity should be set to 98.1. Currently it is not possible due to clamping of physics gravity to 25.0.
Gravity in physics engine should be clamped to much bigger value (i.e. 10000) or scaled by inverse of UnitSetting.scale_length.
I am using Blender 2.57.1 r36339



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Simple fix, in svn now. Thanks for the report!

Ton Roosendaal (ton) closed this task as Resolved.May 10 2011, 5:13 PM