Run-time command line options don't work in Multi-texture mode.
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The problem in question appears when trying to run a BGE runtime with command-line options - in this case, to disable mip-mapping. This has been tested by other users of the Blender community, who had the same results I did - command-line options work in GLSL mode, but not in Multi-texture mode.

I ran across this bug while making a script to restart a BGE runtime with mip-mapping disabled from an in-game scene (a preloader).

To reproduce the bug, make sure the visible scene is the Preloader scene, and export a run-time in Multi-texture mode. You'll note that mip-mapping is not disabled on the cube that appears (and so, the texture is blurry). If you export another runtime, but this time in GLSL mode, the cube has no mip-mapping applied (and so, the texture appears sharp).

This appears to be a problem with the BlenderPlayer, not the script.



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Is mipmapping the only option that's not working?

At the time that I submitted this bug, I don't believe any options worked.

Any progress on this? I'd like to use Multitexture mode, if possible. For some reason, it has better lighting than SingleTexture mode (I don't want to use GLSL mode for a particular project I'm working on)...

Also, the runtime's options work for SingleTexture mode, so it's just Multitexture mode that isn't working...

Could you list specifically which options are not working? In the mean time, I'll take a look at the mip-mapping not working.

When I last checked, neither the size settings nor the mipmap settings worked, so I'd guess that none of the settings are working. The last time I checked was about a couple of weeks ago or so, but I only checked the mipmap setting.

Oops, I mean, the last time I checked thoroughly, neither settings worked. I did a cursory check about a couple of weeks ago on only the mipmap setting, and it didn't work.

The mipmapping issue has been fixed as of r49348. The size options (-w?) seem to be working correctly in trunk.

If there is no reply from @solarlune in one week, I think we can close this.