GLSL object space normal maps have wrong shading
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While object space normal maps work perfectly in blender internal, the GLSL preview renders them wrong. The bug is probably caused by an incorrect coordinate space transformation, resulting in lighting that changes depending on the view angle. This problem has been present ever since glsl viewport rendering was implemented in 2.4x and is still present.
The problem appears on any graphics card I have tested (geforce 8600 gt, gtx 260, gtx 460, gt 320, radeon hd 4770, hd 4870) so it's obviously not driver-related.

World space normal maps also have exactly the same problem.

Attached a simple example scene.



This accidentally went into the wrong tracker, I think...
Trying to repost it in the right place

Moved from Blender 2.4x Bug Tracker to Blender 2.6 Bug Tracker

Moving to the 2.6 tracker since I confirmed that this behavior is likely still present.

I am looking into this bug

Hi Brecht,

I fixed this issue, could you take a quick look at the attached patch before I commit?


To reproduce the bug, open the attached .blend from Göran and put the 3D view into GLSL shading mode, you will see that the faces are not correctly lit according to the light direction.

Patch looks good to me, you can commit it, thanks.

Fixed and committed, rev. 60261, thanks Brecht for reviewing

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