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Fix for bug#27261, "GLSL shading disrespects node-material's texture's Image Mapping Extension setting"
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Patch for: T27261

Fix for #27261. First patch, not a software engineer, be gentle. The functionality I was looking for was 99% finished. All I had to do:

* Expose existing but hidden properies to user (Did I just touch the UI? >> send_in_the_guards.wav)
* Moved the implicit gpu_verify_repeat() up one function in order to add a call to it in GPU_verify_image()
* Fixed rna_image.c to reload the image on property changes

Attached patch and the fail case blend from the bug report. Fun to play with the new Realtime Settings subpanel and watch the texture respond from "infinitely tiled, who cares if you don't like it that way" to "useable for my purposes."

Open to comment & critique, obviously.



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Is this patch sitll relevant/alive?

I am not sure...the properties are listed as game properties in the image editor. Also rendering does not support them. I would prefer if we were to expose those to also support them in rendering as well. Apart from clamping, we already have functionality to tile images in material mode (via coordinate scaling) so there is some duplication here.