Google Breakpad + Crash Reporter (Win + Cmake)
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This patch enables Breakpad on Win + CMake!116
Here is win x64 libraries plus windows minidump_stackwalk.


cURL libs are build with /MT and /MTd

For breakpadlibx64.patch you must create "breakpad" folder inside win64 due to my svn conflict.

Breakpad & cURL distributed with New BSD License and MIT/X derivate license respectively.

For release build you must build RelWithDebInfo with WITH_BREAKPAD and WITH_CRASHREPORTER and then run dump_syms. Then upload created symbol file to common repository to be accessible to other developers.

Changes 2 Blender source files and adds 2 more.
This part generate dump file and then initiate crashreporter.exe.
Requires breakpad lib

Provides interface to send the report
main.cpp & senddata.cpp should be common on all system.
main.cpp calls interface.
senddata.cpp composes crash report and sends it.
Currently interface available only on windows via win_ui.cpp
It uses sui_win, a wrapper under one clause BSD.
Requires cURL lib

P.S. I changed senddata.cpp but didn't debug it to not spam the tracker. Anyway it should work.
I copied error descriptions from MSDN to be displayed for a user (senddata.cpp). These should be changed also.



Is this patch still relevant/alive?

While this is useful to get some info from crashes, its really only useful as some statistic, since we need blend files to resolve bugs anyway.

Seeing as this adds a reasonable amount of overhead to maintain, I think its not worth the effort.