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'Apply Visual Transform to Pose' produces incorrect orientation with IK constraint
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The attached .blend file contains two bones. The first bone, called 'IK Target', is the IK handle that controls the second bone, called 'DeformBone'. 'IK Target' is not parented or attached to 'DeformBone' and 'DeformBone' has an IK constraint pointing at 'IK Target'.

When I select 'DeformBone' and click 'Apply Visual Transform to Pose', the bone spins a little. When I disable the IK constraint, 'DeformBone' has rotated away from its rest position, but the orientation is not the same as the pose of the bone when the constraint is enabled. Also, I can continue to click 'Apply Visual Transform to Pose' on 'DeformBone' to produce a cumulative effect (when the IK constraint is turned on). When I click 'Apply Pose as Rest Pose', 'DeformBone' maintains it's constrained pose, even when the IK constraint is disabled.

I had difficulty (and did not succeed) in obtaining documentation for this operation, but my understanding is that it should visually behave as 'Apply Pose as Rest Pose', however, it should be able to reset to an arbitrary original rest pose. Sorry if this is a mistake.


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Joshua: what was "apply visual transform to bone" meant to do in the first place? For any constrainted bone that would mean weird outcome...

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