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B258 > Collada Export > library linked groups not exported
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Nathan, I isolated the collada exporter linked library group problem. I've attached a .zip with the .blend files (3) and if you open rest258.blend with bender 258, you'll see a wall with 2 windows and a door. The windows and door are in groups in door.blend and window.blend.
Exporters I've modified in 248 -for x3d and for kml+collada- get the library groups properly, and you can see the googleEarth output of that at so in theory it should be possible in 258 to export library groups. (The X3D exporter for 258 gets some of it, but not all, and I'll report that as a separate bug)
Thanks, keep up the good work, let me know if you need more info.


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Assigning to myself. Indeed, groups aren't yet properly supported, so this might be even a TODO item. Anyway. Assigned and on todo list for checking further. Thanks.

Moving to todo tracker. I'm working on it though ( see for upstream patch to add necessary <library_nodes> support)

Has this report a dependency to the OpenCollada patch mentioned above ?
If so, who is taking care of that on the OpenCollada side ?
Would it be possible to create an alternative solution for Blender with the current version of OpenCollada ?