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Scroll issue on a on-screen (F6) long Addon Panel with Sapling addon (and perhaps other cases...)
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I have a Dell Laptop with:
GNU/Linux Debian Squeeze
Nvidia Quadro Card 1600M with official driver 270.41.19

I've tested 2.59 RC1 (r39164)

The problem I found is with long pannel appearing over 3D window when pressing F6. In this case, with the Sapling addon panel. I've tested too the IvyGen addon, and while it is not as long like the first one, it seems to work well. I've tested too, later, with simple object creation options, and resizing down the window, and it seems to work well enough. I say enough because on resizing the window app I found other problems (the interface gets screwed), but seems, apparently, not related to this issue.

The problem is that when I go to the down arrow on the lower edge of the panel in order to see next options, the scrolling movement repeats over and over without actually scrolling the panel content up (sic) all the way. Hard to explain, hope you get it. If not, ask please. There is an attached file with the blend and a capture into, but the capture is obviosuly not much explanatory of a "motion" problem.

Thanks for your work,

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Confirmed, Assigning to Ton.

don't think this is a show stopper for 2.59 though.

The redo-menu was not meant to support scrolling even. I only added this for regular pulldowns.

Note that in blender lingo, a "panel" is permanent (the movable region where buttons are displayed in). You mean a temporary modal popup menu, right?


Perhaps there's a confusion, because I don't understand what do you mean about the redo menu.

I mean the menu that appears pressing F6, and related mainly to the options provided for the addon currently used, such as number of vertices of a cylinder and so. This options used to appear more commonly in the panel that appear on the 3D view pressing T key. In some workflows F6 appearing menu is useful so you can avoid going back and forward to the side panel.

In Sapling addon, this "F6 appearing menu" is so long in order that it exceeds the screen limits, but there's a down arrow symbol, so I guess that scrolling availability in this kind of menu is actually intended. But this scrolling does not work very well with this addon.

Hope I'm explaining. In the attachment section there ara images about it. Thanks!

Hmm.... Well it would be nice to be able to scroll popup contents too in cases like this.

What comes to the windows screwing up after making the main window small. Well, that's easily fixed. Just grab the area sides and pull them back to their place again.

Having properly behaving scrolling on popup menus could be nice, but i'd wouldn't consider this is a bug, it's just limitation of interface engine and trying to use it for things it wasn't designed for. Personally, i think operator shouldn't have so much properties that they don't fit into one screen. Panels can be used for this (like a toolbox or context buttons region). And in fact, there are plenty of things to be improved to support such operators..
Added note in our TODO list
Thanks for the report, closing it now.

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