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Collada: blender 2.59rc - Export collada - import collada - armature bones with inverted axis
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I'm trying the new blender 2.59rc

Check the video:

I've exported the rigged mesh as a .dae file, and then in a new file imported the same .dae file, some axis points to the top.

this is my system:
Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid)

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Please attach a (stripped down) .blend file to demonstrate the issue, we need something developers can redo, thanks.

I tryed but i've problems to add atachments, gave me an error, anyway i uploaded on my site:

(is not the same mesh, but is an example with the same issue)

Same issue in blender 2.59 Linux x86-32

currently, that's expected behavior in the collada importer. Collada represents armatures as a joint heirarchy, blender as a bone heirarchy. converting a joint rig to a bone rig creates an extra bone at the tip to represent the orientation of the final joint

Matthew, if you look at the video i posted, or if you try to use the .blend file i've linked, you will see yourself that no extra bones are created in the export collada process.

Just the same end bones with the wrong orientation

I committed small fix in trunk (r39820) that makes the end bones use same direction (and length) as the parent bone. While not optimal it is already much better than the default pointing up bone with length 1.

Thank you very much Nathan, hope this bug will be fixed soon

Perhaps you could verify with a recent build of Blender: . Please report back so we can close this issue.

Done, same problem:


i used blender-2.59-r39789-linux-glibc27-i686

instead soc-2011-salad-blender-2.59-r39838-linux-glibc27-i686 do not work at all, can't import daes, just and empty object shows up

You need a build of trunk with r39820 or higher on the splash screen., the revision you used doesn't have the fix I committed.

I see if I can get the buildslave manager for linux to update the builds on the mentioned site ASAP.

The linux buildslave manager just restarted the bots. New builds are being made. Within 1 hour one should be able to get updated builds from the site.

Massimo, the builds have been updated. If you could test and report back that'd be awesome!

Thank you very much Nathan for your work and your reply, i tried the last build and this is the result:

there is still a bug for the "eyes bones" that now points on the left

if you need i make a video!

No need, I saw the eyebones myself already, just wanted to know if the other leaf bones are now ok.

Collada bugs are not being handled well so far,

for this reason they are all being set as \'TODO\' and linked from our wiki page.

This tracker item can still be updated with useful info and closed (removed from the page above) when fixed.

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