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Armatures: Setup lost after edit mode undo
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Using 2.59 r39307

Please refer to the file I already attached to the UNRELATED bug#28349 because it is a perfect example for this bug.

Open the file, tab into edit mode, select all the bones and delete them. Then undo. Go back into pose mode, and note that the bone groups, constraints, and drivers have all been lost. It seems just the pose mode information is simply not being restored, because the bone names and deform state are restored...

The only way to recover is to rebuild it, or to open the last save. Can be a hard shock to someone who wasn't expecting it :)



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Forgot to add: the bone properties are gone too.

This is a known bug (and really bad!), what happens is armature stores its own data for undo, but the pose data is not apart of this, so when bones are removed undoing wont bring their pose data back.

Assigning to Aligorith.

Really tough issue here; posemode undos go via 'global undo' to work properly.
The best solution then could be to ditch editmode-undo for armanture editing alltogether... also quite difficult.

I don't know yet where the best solution lies here... it's a real design issue, moved to our wiki list for future reference:

Ton Roosendaal (ton) closed this task as Archived.Sep 25 2011, 2:58 PM