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Collada: Blender >= 2.57 crashing when importing collada files created using GoogleSketchUp (ver 8)
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Duplicates: T29471

Blender 2.57 and above is crashing when importing COLLADA file created using GoogleSketchUp (ver 8)
Blender 2.49 was importing COLLADA files correctly and even blender 2.56 works well.

This behavior is not regular becouse it just happens in some computers. I have check it with diferent collada files, including these two simple check-geometries (circle.dae and rectangle.dae)
I have try to reproduce the error in diferent computers with diferent configurations using diferente blender versiones with the following results:

-- #1 Test -----------------------------------------------------------

OS: Windows XP 32 SP3 (on real machine)
3D Card type: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 290 (updated drivers)
Blender ver. 2.56 Beta 32 bits: it works
Blender ver. >= 2.57 32 bits: it crahs

-- #2 Test ------------------------------------------------------------
OS: Windows XP 32 SP3 (on virtual machine)
3D Card type: Generic video card (VMWare SVGA II)
Blender ver. = 2.49 32 bits: it works
Blender ver. = 2.59 32 bits: it crahs

-- #3 Test -------------------------------------------------------------
OS: Windows 7 32 (no service pack, on real machine)
3D Card type: NVidia GForce
Blender ver. = 2.59 32 bits: it works
Blender ver. = 2.59 64 bits: it works

-- #4 Test -------------------------------------------------------------
OS: Windows XP 64 SP2 (on virtual machine)
3D Card type: ATI RAdeon HD 3400 Series
Blender ver. = 2.59 32 bits: it works
Blender ver. = 2.59 64 bits: it works

At a glance, it seams the error is reproduced when using blender on Windows XP 32 bits machine.

Please, let me know if more details or checks are needed.

Thansk you very much.


joseba beristain


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I forget to say that, perhaps the error could be the same as #28015 #27776 #27555 bugs, but I'm not sure.

Thanks again


Indeed I can't reproduce the crash on my 64bit machine.

Hi Nathan. Thanks for your answer.

The only configuration I have reproduce the crash is on Windonws 32 machines (vritual and real). As you can see in #4 test, the collada importantion works in blender ver. 2.59 on Windows 32 bits in a 64bit (virtual) machine, so the problem seems to be in 32 bit machines. Does it make any sense for you?

Thanks again.

Hi Joseba. Yes I understand what you mean. What I meant to say is that I don't have the means to reproduce the crash. All my Windows machines are 64bit Windows machines.

If there is someone who can attach backtrace of a crash on a win32 system that'd be great.

How these backtrace are created in blender? I can try to do it myself.

You need to create a build with debug symbols enabled. You can do that with: python scons\ BF_DEBUG=1

Whenever the build crashes you should be able to attach with a debugger and retrieve the backtrace.

Joseba, could you try also the builds from ? Either of the builds for win32 or win64. Thanks in advance

OK. I'll try. I'm not used to compile these kind of projects, so it could take a little bit time, but I'll try :-)

Well, no need to try if the builds from work :)

Ping, any luck with the builds?

Pong, I used this () tutorial to compile blender using Cmake and VisualStudio 2010. Compilation was with no problems in both release and debug. But during the execution something was wrong (I can't send more deatiled information since I'm not in my office). It could be a compiler version error (VS 2008 Vs VS2010) Tomorrow I'll have access to a computer with VS 2008 and I`ll try again. We will see....

Thanks :-)

Upps....sorry, I miss understand your sentence "no need to try if the builds from work :)".
I tried yesterday version ( and it crash too :-(

I'll try to compile the source code in debug mode to have a valid backtrace.

No luck with source compillations :-(

Using scons I recibe the following error:

File "C:\BlenderSVN\blender\scons\", line 66, in <module>
if os.environ.has_key("SCONS_LIB_DIR"):
AttributeError:'_Environ' object has no attribute 'has_key'

Trying to compile using CMake + VisualStudio 2010 is not usefull since openCollada is not supported for this compiler.
Trying to compile using CMake + VisualStudio 2008 works, but when executing in debug mode an error says that python32_d.dll is missing.

I'll try to solve python32_d.dll problem and to read other compilations tutorials.

Well, I have manage to compile blender in both debug and reale, but just the simpliest compilation: with no extra option (lo collada, no FFMPEG, etc.)

When I try to compile blender with OpenCollada option, I recibe the following errors:

error C2471: cannot update program database 'c:\blendersvn\cmake-build\lib\debug\bf_collada.pdb'
fatal error C1083: Cannot open program database file: 'c:\blendersvn\cmake-build\lib\debug\bf_collada.pdb': No such file or directory

In the following files:

I have updated VS 2008 to SP1 in orther to have the Feature Pack installed. If I`m not wrong, is supposed that openCollada libs are precompiled, aren't they?

Do I miss something? Any idea how could I compile blender with Collada option enabled?

Thanks again!

Just in case, yesterday I checked latest blender version on It still crashes when loading the test collada files :-(

Sorry for taking a while to get back to you on this:

Building using scons: you need to use Python 2.6 or Python 2.7 to start the build process. Not Python 3.2. That will take care of the error message related to has_key.

The OpenCOLLADA libs are indeed prebuilt and available in lib/windows/opencollada or lib/win64/opencollada (see ).

Also tested with the latest builds from on my own machine - cannot reproduce the crashes. So I really hope you can create a debug build and get some useful backtrace out of it.

No luck again :-(

Trying to compile using scons says:

scons: *** No SConstruct file found
File "C:\BlenderSVN\blender\scons\scons-local-1.2.0.d20090223\SCons\Script\", line 829, in_main

Any idea of what does it mean?

By the way, I checked importing the test .dae files in the new Blender 2.60 RC1 and it crashes in the same way.

Thansk again.

You need to be in the root directory to start the process. The root directory contains the file called SConstruct:

If you have c:\dev\blender\SConstruct, then in c:\dev\blender you would run: python scons\


We "almost" have it :-)

I manage to start compiling blender using scons with the correct python version. It starts compilling properlly but during the process it says that:

scons: Reading SConscript files ...
Command-line arguments
Command-line targets
No targets given, using default
Using config file: build_files\scons\config\ not found, no user overrides
Build with parallel jobs: 1
Build with debug symbols: True
Building in: C:\BlenderSVN\build\win32-vc
Configuring library bf_intern_audaspace
Configuring library bf_intern_string
Configuring library bf_intern_ghost
Configuring library bf_intern_guardedalloc
Configuring library bf_intern_moto
Configuring library bf_intern_ctr
Configuring library bf_intern_memutil
Configuring library bf_intern_decimate
Configuring library bf_intern_ik
Configuring library bf_intern_itasc
Configuring library bf_intern_bop
Configuring library bf_intern_opennl
Configuring library bf_intern_mikktspace
Configuring library bf_intern_smoke
Configuring library bf_intern_elbeem
Configuring library bf_intern_bsp
Configuring library extern_glew
Configuring library extern_recastnavigation
Configuring library extern_bullet2linmath
Configuring library extern_bullet2dynamics
Configuring library extern_bullet2collision_broadphase
Configuring library extern_bullet2collision_dispatch
Configuring library extern_bullet2collision_gimpact
Configuring library extern_bullet2collision_shapes
Configuring library extern_bullet2collision_narrowphase
Configuring library extern_bullet2softbody
Configuring library extern_openjpeg
Configuring library extern_minilzo
Configuring library extern_lzma
Configuring library bf_avi
Configuring library bf_blenkernel
Configuring library bf_blenlib
Configuring library bf_blenloader
Configuring library bf_blenpluginapi
Configuring library bf_gpu
Configuring library bf_editor_datafiles
Configuring library bf_editors_space_api
Configuring library bf_editors_util
Configuring library bf_editors_interface
Configuring library bf_editors_animation
Configuring library bf_editors_armature
Configuring library bf_editors_mesh
Configuring library bf_editors_metaball
Configuring library bf_editors_object
Configuring library bf_editors_curve
Configuring library bf_editors_gpencil
Configuring library bf_editors_physics
Configuring library bf_editors_render
Configuring library bf_editors_sound
Configuring library bf_editors_space_buttons
Configuring library bf_editors_space_file
Configuring library bf_editors_space_image
Configuring library bf_editors_space_info
Configuring library bf_editors_space_graph
Configuring library bf_editors_space_node
Configuring library bf_editors_space_outliner
Configuring library bf_editors_space_time
Configuring library bf_editors_space_view3d
Configuring library bf_editors_space_sound
Configuring library bf_editors_space_action
Configuring library bf_editors_space_nla
Configuring library bf_editors_space_script
Configuring library bf_editors_space_text
Configuring library bf_editors_space_sequencer
Configuring library bf_editors_space_game
Configuring library bf_editors_space_console
Configuring library bf_editors_space_userpref
Configuring library bf_editors_transform
Configuring library bf_editors_screen
Configuring library bf_editors_sculpt_paint
Configuring library bf_editors_uvedit
Configuring library bf_imbuf
Configuring library bf_dna
Configuring library bf_rna
Configuring library bf_render
Configuring library bf_render_raytrace
Configuring library bf_nodes
Configuring library bf_cmpnodes
Configuring library bf_shdnodes
Configuring library bf_texnodes
Configuring library bf_modifiers
Configuring library bf_ikplugin
Configuring library bf_windowmanager
Configuring library bf_blenfont
Configuring library bf_python_ext
Configuring library bf_python_mathutils
Configuring library bf_python
Configuring library bf_imbuf_dds
Configuring library bf_imbuf_cineon
Configuring library bf_imbuf_openexr
Configuring library bf_collada
Configuring library ge_blen_routines
Configuring library ge_converter
Configuring library ge_logic_expressions
Configuring library ge_logic
Configuring library ge_logic_ketsji
Configuring library bf_network
Configuring library ge_logic_ngnetwork
Configuring library ge_logic_loopbacknetwork
Configuring library ge_phys_common
Configuring library ge_phys_dummy
Configuring library ge_rasterizer
Configuring library ge_oglrasterizer
Configuring library ge_scenegraph
Configuring library ge_videotex
Configuring library ge_player_common
Configuring library ge_player_ghost
Configuring library ge_phys_bullet
Configuring library blenkernel_blc
Configuring resource winresource
Configuring program blender
Configuring program blenderplayer
scons: done reading SConscript files.
scons: Building targets ...
Compiling ==> 'AUD_AnimateableProperty.cpp'
scons: building terminated because of errors.

I guess I can disable the option to compile AUD_AnimateableProperty.cpp somewhere in orther to avoid this problem, Can I? Where?

Thanks again.


No activity in more than month. I've tried to reproduce this on my laptop and importing worked just fine.
Joseba, maybe you can test recent 2.61beta release ?

Closing duplicated report


I'm sorry but the lack of activity is due to my poor knowledge about compiling blender in orde to obtain a backtrace when the error happens.

Last week I check blender 2.60 and it crashed in the same way :-(

I'll be out of my office during 10 days. I'll check 2.61beta release when I'll come back. I'll keep you informed.

By the way, I see I'm not the only one with this problem. That's not a good new, but at least now we can have more information.

Thanks again.

I'm sorry to say Blender 2.61 RC1 is crashing in the same way :-(

Collada bugs are not being handled well so far,

for this reason they are all being set as \'TODO\' and linked from our wiki page.

This tracker item can still be updated with useful info and closed (removed from the page above) when fixed.

This bug was tagged as fixed with revision 44615 ( see also )
I have no access to a 32 bit computer so i can not verify that.

@Joseba: Please could you give it a try ? Or anybody else with the given System configuration...

Thanks a lot


First of all, it's nice to know that blender will have a dedicated working group to Collada :-)

About the try with the last blender releases (2.62) I have good and bad news: the good new is the two control geometries we were using to track this bug in this forum (circle.dae and rectangle.dae) are working properly know :-) The bad new is that the real geometry we want to import in blender is crashing the application like before :-(

I can try to reduce the geometry (removing some of the parts) until to find what is doing blender to crash.
The other way is to obtain a backtrace of the crash moment with a debug-mode compiled blender version. But I'm not able to have a working debug-mode blender version with collada support.

Best regards,


Have you been able to find out what causes your files to crash Blender ?
I think best is to open a new report and attach a breaking example file.

Good news!! Since 2.63a blender doesn't crash when importing SketcUp-Collada files.
I have test with several files and it seems geometries are been loaded properly.
You are doing a great job!! Thank!!

Blender 2.64.0 crashes same way.
Windows 32.
Google Sketchup8 (not pro),export to .dae. Blender crashes on import.