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Record Animation is recording only on 60 FPS
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Category: Animation

I tried to setup the FPS recording for the game engine in the render and also world tab of the blender game engine to 30 FPS (or anything else then 60FPS).
After Recording the animation It seems too slow. if i want to see the animation playing correctly i need to go to 'Blender Render' and change the framerate to 60 fps.

I attached a simple example of a box moving forward. play and record the game, then play it and see that it plays half of the speed. then go to blender render and change FPS to 60 and see that it plays correctly.

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The example file appears to be behaving correctly. Is this bug still a problem with a recent version of Blender?

I cannot seem to reproduce this problem with trunk, and I have not gotten a reply in over a week, so I'm closing this report. If this is a still a problem, the report can be reopened.

Mitchell Stokes (moguri) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Invalid.Jul 7 2012, 6:31 AM