Texture mapping incorrect for Particle Textures
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ubuntu 11.04 64bits rev41011

In attached .blend, there are 3 meshes with same Particle System.
Play anim.
Result is different.

Plane was added in 3D View. Then, Particle system was created. Blend Particle Texture was added. And Plane was scaled in X in edit mode.

Plane.001 was added in 3D View. Then, Plane.001 was scaled in X in object mode. Apply Scale (Ctrl A). Particle System was created. I browse Particle Settings to linked to Plane's particle settings.

Plane.002 was made duplicating Plane. In Edit Mode, I use loopcut on face.

Auto texture space seems to not be respected or to be easily broken for Particle Texture.


To Do

Tested on Win 7 64bit Blender 2.63 r46461:46487M. Animation is identical for all objects in the scene. Appears that this is no longer an issue or at least not an issue in the Win 7 64bit build.

Retested with revision 50689 on Ubuntu 12.04.

Bug is still present.
Particles falling does not start at the left extreme border to finish at the right extreme border for plane.001 and plane.002 as it should.

Even if animation starts and ends at the same time; it is not correct.
image added

Merging particle texture reports to a single one here:

(Sorry, but this currently is not in active support)

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