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2.60 RC2 - ObjectColor Problem when animate material alpha
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Category: Conversion

alpha-textured object with ObjectColor=checked
turns black when insert animation key in material
i uploaded a blendfile - instructions are inside.

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Follow the instructions and the material doesnt turn black for me.
64bit linux - GeForce 450 GTS

Follow the instructions and the material turn black for me.
64bit linux - GeForce GT 240

I can confirm the problem, you have to start the game engine to see it. Same issue existed in 2.59, so it doesn't seem to be caused by the texture face changes.

i have the problem on win64 - gtx 560 ti
have done hours of testing, it doesnt work under any circumstances

maybe theres another way to animate the alpha-value in bge - but i think what i tryed is the usual way - if you want to make paticles and such things

i reviewed the yofranky effects/lava file (once again) and there is alpha animation - but no logic brick triggers it - but there is a script (vertex/fragment-shader)

do this shader trigger the anim ? is this the magic point or a workaround to the bug ?

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This is a very strange bug.
1) do entirely undo the keyframe effect you can do:['Material'].animation_data_clear()
2) I reproduced part of the problem (the object invisible) without alpha and all that - see alpha_ipo.blend. In fact it happens if you create an ipo for any property of the material
- or do['Material'].animation_data_create().
3) a workaround for either problems is to create a new material slot in the material, even when there is no material assigned to it, it fixes the problem.

So the problem is related with what the BGE is doing when adt is found.

The alpha_ipo.blend file is no longer breaking, but alpha still doesn't seem to animate properly, even in Multitexture (Material ipos aren't really supported in GLSL mode).

Dalai, could you reassess this bug? The instructions in the file do not cause a problem. I can also get the material alpha to animate. Now, Blender's viewport doesn't properly update, which can cause some problems in the BGE, but that sounds like a different problem.

With new commit about GLSL material IPOs (including alpha) I think that this commit can be closed.
Are you all agreed?

Yeah, I think this can be closed.

Jorge Bernal (lordloki) changed the task status from Unknown Status to Resolved.May 17 2015, 11:02 AM

Closing report.

Thanks you all for your time.