Black frames when composite output node even with disabled nodes
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using ubuntu linux 64bit r41009.

I was messing around with a file and noticed that my frames all outputted black frames. After some investigation, it seems that even though "use nodes" was disabled, a left behind render output node was causing the frames to render black (since nothing was connected to it). I also noticed that when rendering an animation, the image editor was quickly showing a black frame and then showing the rendered output (very quick flicker), this after I had manually set the image editor to the render output instead of the composite layer that it defaulted to after having enabled "use nodes" briefly.

The attached file should be a good test. Just open the file and start rendering an animation.

Another quirk I noticed that isn't really related was that if you open a fresh blender and go to comp nodes and use Shift-A to add a node without having enabled "use nodes" at least once, then all the menus are blank.

Hope this helps.



Here's link to possible fix: We're on codefreeze now, so only release critical fixes are getting commited.
That behavior of Shift-A is intended, probably not very useful but it's just how compositor works.

Ah, good to know about Shift-A, thanks.

As for patch, I tested against same blend attached and seems to work fine!

Patch commited to svn revision41139. Thanks for the report, closing now.

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