crash when moving keys in dopesheet editor *NEED MORE INFO*
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version of blender: official 2.59 ubuntu 11.10 64bits

open animatique-1.blend and try to move selected keys in the dopesheet editor.



You're file doesn't come up with any keys selected in 2.59 or 2.60, pressing Gkey in action editor does nothing.

Can you give exact steps to redo this crash?

Also you could see if the bug is fixed 2.60 release.

Campbell, i've just downloaded this file and pressed Gkey in Dopesheet. Immediate crash. Crash happens in ActionFCurveToTransData because of fcu->totvert is non-zero, but fcu->bezt is null. Probably because curve was "backed" (fcu->fpt isn't null). I don't know this stuff well, so can't suggest anything about fix here.

Fixed in svn.

Added matching check to the one used in the counting pass

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