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Can not save image as external on a writable path
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Here is the way to reproduce this bug :

* go to UV/image editor
* create new image
* save blend file in /tmp/test.blend ( this file is attached on this ticket )
* save image ( F3 ) in same directory : /tmp/image.png
* enable image painting mode
* modify image ( painting white on default black image )
* When I want to save image ( alt+S ) --> Error message " Can not save image, path '//image.png' is not writable

On official 2.60a, linux 64 bits

Don't hesitate to contact me for any information.



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I had the same problem with rendered images. Only Save As helps.

win 32 bit, r41116

Checking this report and it seems to be working now.

Now print when save succeeds.