World texture Horizon Influence setting affects Zenith Up setting too
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Another old one:

If you assign a sky texture to the World, in the Influence panel of the texture you can control how much the texture affects the horizon and the up and down zenith colours. However, with the Zenith Up setting ticked and set to the max 1.0, and with Horizon ticked too, if you reduce the Horizon influence down toward zero, the zenith up influence is reduced as well. If the Horizon setting is at 0.0, the image does not affect the zenith either, even though it is set to 1.0.

Inversely, the Zenith Up setting does not work: if Horizon is ticked and set to 1.0, the zenith colour effect is at full stregth, even if the Zenith Up setting is dragged down to 0.0.



Brecht, didn't use this myself before, so not sure how it's supposed to work. Maybe you can check? Thanks.

Fix in svn, thanks for the report.