Curve Radius keyable from Outliner Datablock view but not Transform Radius field in 3D Viewport
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I am using Blender 2.60 SVN Rev. 41439 Debug Build on Fedora 15 Linux.

I noticed that the Bevel Radius value for a Bezier Curve is not keyable from the Transform Panel (N Panel) in the 3D Viewport Region as right clicking on the Radius value field does not give you an option to insert a keyframe.

But you can keyframe the value from the Outliner Datablocks view.

In the 3D Viewport Region is a curve called "BezierCurve" which has a bevel object on it "BezierCircle".

The "BezierCurve" object has its first curve Control Point Radius value animated. It seems to work.

If you press ALT+A in the 3D Viewport Region the "BezierCurve" first Control Point Radius value will animate and that end of the "BezierCurve" will increae and decrease its Radius value over time.

In the Outliner > Datablock view I navigated to:

Curves > BezierCurve > Splines > Spline > Bezier Curve Point > Bevel Radius

I was able to right click the Bevel Radius field in the Datablock view and key it. I also made a cyclic curve of the key in the Graph Editor just to see if it had any problems. I seems to work perfectly.

So should Radius be keyable from the normal user interface and not just the highly hidden Datablock view?

I have attached my system-info.txt, a demo blend showing the issue, and the buildscript I used to build the version of Blender I am using.



The reason this button isn't keyable is because it shows the average radius of all selected points, so it doesn't correspond to one property. Perhaps a simple fix would be to show an actual property button when there is only one point selected.

Sounds great to me, I just assumed that the Radius field was reporting the selected Control Point. Also what do you think of adding a field for tilt value. I couldn't find a numeric representation of the current tilt value of the current Control Point anywhere in the interface. Maybe in a similar position as the radius field (N panel) *puppy dog eyes +1000 mode :)*?

Well I figure it xmas soon so I am allowed to ask for feature request! :P

Assigning to self for further investigation.

Made some investigation and prepared patch. It should be useful to be able to keyframe curve radius from properties view. Attached patch for keyable radius.

Brecht,can you check if it's fine?

Sergey, I think this code can be a bit simpler? There's already a loop over these vertices, you can keep track of the last selected point + its type, and then check if(totradius == 1).

Fixed in svn rev41494, thanks for the report.

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