multi-res bake broken in 2.60
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hit bake and be amazed. Worked in 2.59



Interesting. Looks like it works fine if you leave sculpt mode and enter object mode and then hit bake.
However, if you hit bake while in sculpt mode it seems to come to a halt and as far as I can tell never finishes.

Multires baking happens from highest subdivision level against level in 3d viewport, so when you're in sculpt mode you're baking from level 5 o level 5. When you leave sculpt mode, you're baking from level 5 to level 0. Maybe that's what making you confused.
Discovered another bug -- crash when baking to level 0 when you're in sculpt mode. Will check it too.

Crash fixed, but still can't see issues with baker itself. It's just slow because of lvl5->lvl5 baking.

Also fixed speed issue in rev41778. Now looks like it've got quite reasonable behavior, but waiting for you to confirm this.

I remember reporting the bug regarding hitting bake while in sculpt mode back before 2.59 was released and I remember it being fixed
such that you could bake even while in sculpt mode from sculpt level to object mode preview level.
So this sounds like 2.60a has regressed to me?



the way I see it one of two things should happen here. Either baking has to work correctly in sculpt mode such that it can still bake from sculpt level to chosen preview level or the interface must not offer muti-res baking at all while in sculpt mode. What do u think?



Well, i think it's better to switch it to using preview level rather than disabling baking.

this would certainly be my preference too :)

Fixed this in svn r41806. Think now this report can be closed.

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