Vertex/Edge/Face Select buttons shrink
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Found in Blender 2.60a and r41872

With the default cube active, enter Edit mode and switch to Wireframe or Bounding Box shading modes. Now your Vertex/Edge/Face Select buttons are getting squashed horizontally, while the EditMode Button is growing larger. With Cycles enabled, Material and Rendered shading modes also cause this effect - Solid and Textured are fine.

Et ceterum censeo that bug #21516 needs to be reopened - I've posted there but it seems that once a bug is closed, no one does get notified about new comments. Please tell me how to handle such issues in the future - I did not want to clutter the tracker by opening a new report.



Fix in svn, thanks for the report.

Regarding the other issue, usually after a few months it may be better to open a new report, whoever worked on the bug may not be keeping track of it anymore. In this case though, it's a todo item that is not considered a bug at the moment, since it's not a major issue and needs quite a bit of work to fix properly.