Mirror Vertex Groups issue
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From the attached file, select Mesh -> Mirror -> Mirror Vertex Group from the 3D View, making sure:

- Mirror Weights is ON
- Flip Groups is OFF
- All Groups is OFF

You will notice that the selection is only on one side (will copy from unselected). But here is the thing: those vertices in the example belong to two groups called "UpLeft" and "Left". Active group is "UpLeft", and as "All Groups" is deactivated, it should only affect that group. However, it affects both.

My observation is that when the selection is asymmetric, the "Mirror Weights" option completely ignores the "All Groups" control: it simply acts as if it is always activated. On the other hand, when selection is symmetric (selected at both sides), then "Mirror Weights" does take into account the state of "All Groups".