Brush texture Preview panel doesnt show Alpha checkbox
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open the attached file :
the cube has a dragon eye texture. this texture has alpha, and we would like to see it in the preview image
if the texture panel is in brush context, there is no way to see the "Show alpha" checkbox,
you have to go to object material, or world .
there you can click on the Show alpha checkbox.
if you go back to brush context. You can now see it with alpha

I believe there show be an Show alpha option for brushes too.
I tried to find where to change this and only found some hint in /blender/editors/interface/interface_templates.c line 1226-1230
Alpha button for texture preview (small typo there btw (buton one t) )
maybe its just few lines up , where it defines Rna pointers.
sorry i dont know C



Hey Olivier,
I fixed it in SVN 42410, by adding it to the Py UI file, is pretty easy. It can be done in the C template later, would need some more changes which I don't want to do now so short before release.


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