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Allows more direct editing of objects linked from library.blend files
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Project: Blender Extensions
Tracker: Py Scripts Contrib
Python: 3.2
Blender: 2.60
Author(s): Jason van Gumster (Fweeb)
Script name: Edit Linked Library
Wiki page:
Category: Unstable (example)
Status: Open

When working in larger projects that involve scenes with assets linked from a .blend library, it can get very time-consuming to save your current scene, track down the proper linked .blend, make your modifications, save, and return to your original scene file. This add-on allows you to accomplish this process with only a pair of mouse-clicks (one to get to the linked library and one to resume work on your scene).

Script works great for linked groups. Would be nice for future versions to support regularly linked objects as well as proxy-fied rigs in a linked group.

Event Timeline

Ran into a little bug that occurred when a user opens a different .blend file before returning to the original. In that scenario, the "Return to Original File" button would remain stuck in the Toolshelf. I just updated the script to include a persistent load_post handler that checks to see if loaded file is part of the Edit Linked -> Return to Original loop. If it isn't , the global variables are reset to allow for a new session.

Updated script. Now it works with normally linked (not via dupligroup) objects.

Update to script (v 0.7.0):
- When switching to a linked library for editing, now the referenced object (or the objects in the referenced group) are automatically selected
- Added a keymap: When a linked object is selected, Numpad-slash (/) takes you to the linked .blend file (same as clicking the Edit Linked Library button in the Tool Shelf). From the linked file, Numpad-slash (/) takes you back to the original file (same as clicking the Return to Original button in the Tool Shelf). This basically extends the metaphor of "local view" to more aptly apply to linked objects.

Due to changes to the api including the merging of bmesh, several addons are outdated.
Please, if you are the author of an addon check your script with blender revision 44256 or newer.
That is builds made After blender 2.62 official release.
I would ask that updates be made to your addon before the Blender 2.63 release.
6-8 weeks away.
This allows time for the api to become more exposed & bmesh to stablize furthur.
If you need help, drop into irc freenode #blenderpython or #blendercoders & feel welcome to ask questions.
At the time of 2.63 release, scripts that are not repaired or in active developement will have their tracker page marked "Closed"
this will not affect your links to the tracker, similar to closing scripts in 2.49b, the page will be still availible & can be re-opened.

Thanks for your understanding & patience during these Exciting Times.

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You can checkout this path, or commit from the path in blenders source.

Please commit your script to this repository, This way it will be available in blender builds under the `Testing` section of our addons in all builds except for release.

The username and password for SVN match the ones you use on this website.

To be included in release this needs to have a full review but first its best to commit to contrib which makes iterating on changes easier.

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* If you have general questions, mail the bf-python mailing list is good to be on also.

I received error repeatedly in the CMD window when launching my most recent compiled version r47919, now posted on
I will inform T.K. because this only happens in the Freestyle branch that I have been compiling for for years. I will leave a note for T.K. also.
location:<unknown location>:-1
Cursor monitor: launched
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender_2.63.11F\2.63\scripts\addons_contrib\", line 136, in draw
if settings["original_file"] == "" and ((context.active_object.dupli_group and context.active_object.dupli_group.library is not None) or context.active_object.library is not None):AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'dupli_group'

error report:
looks same as above.

Moved from Py Scripts Upload to Py Scripts Contrib

moved page to contrib section
assigned to Fweeb

Hi, I'm glad this tool is back! I patched the script to have the filepath in a text property instead than as a label, it's a very easy change which I find very useful.

It's just about replacing the line

layout.label(text="Path: %s" %


"filepath", text="Path")

what do you think? Is it feasible to have this in the official version?

There seems to be a bug when you Link an object to a new file, and then you haven't saved and make blender open the file in the same Instance with Autosave on it wont and give you an error message, and of course if you turn it off, and then go to the linked file and try to come back to the unsaved file it wont since it wasn't saved and now that file is lost.
Maybe it should point to the autosaved file blender makes by default when you haven't just saved?

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