2.59-2.61: edge slide / loop cut slide do not respect uv-coordinates anymore (regression)
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Edge slide/edge loop cut'n slide deforms UVs of the mesh unlike in previous versions (introduced in 2.48 and works in 2.58). Blender 2.58 edge slide respected UVs and therefore allowed certain amount of remodeling without retexturing (same worked for loop cuts). Current edge slide does not recalculate UVs when sliding.




This is still in the code, its just an option which is not exposed by "loop cut slide" which is a macro.

notice if you do loop-cut, then access slide.

UV is optional for the slide operator.

Leaving this report open since it at a minimum the option should be exposed via the macro.

It is??

I don't see it. I didn't even know that you could edge slide without deforming UV's. If there's an option or a context hotkey for it, then I'm all ears, but please make this more visible if you can for other new users.

Did this got fixed with 2.63a and b-mesh?

Seems the same as http://projects.blender.org/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=31581&group_id=9&atid=498 which Antony is working on.

Antony, this this could be interesting for you and if it's indeed reports about the same issue, think one of them could be closed.

Hi, in bratwurst this is solved by introducing a global mesh editing option that preserves UVs. This is not the same as #31581 I think. I think we can we wait until the code is finalized before merging?

This is an option in the macro you can edit it from the keymap, so its not a bug.
having a tool setting for this makes more sense IMHO.


I am not getting a dialog box when using edge slide, for correct UV's

where is it?

Maybe make the dialog open, when you select the tool?

not after you use it,

(it's counter intuitive to have a option you need, after you needed it)