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Ping Pong with action animation
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Category: Animation

The when you play an action animation with an ping pong action actuator then it looks like that it is working.
But when you trigger the animation a second time (or very fast multible times) while the animation is playing, the animation did not play to the end frame or start frame.
Also when you connect a always sensor (with enabled true pulse) then the animation did not play as in Blender 2.59.

Event Timeline

Windows XP 32 bit
Blender 2.61 r43210

I actualized the fault list of the PingPong actuator.
Description of the faults are in the two new files "PingPong26x.blend" and "PingPong Actuator Sensor Fault.blend".

In the actual trunk the "PingPong Actuator Sensor Fault.blend" is working. The second fault that I described in the file was was a fault by me.

But the bug in "PingPong26x.blend" still present.

I think the first bug in PingPong26x.blend was fixed by rB3448822b2ffc.

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This task is being closed because the BGE has been removed in Blender 2.8.