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New Constraint: Floor + Sticky
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The way it works:

1. Apply constraint to object (or bone).
2. Choose target.
3. Choose: X,Y,Z,-X,-Y,-Z. Default is Z.

Z will not allow the constrained object to pass below the target object.
-Z will not allow it to go above the target.
X,-X,Y and -Y will do the respective actions on the global X and Y axes.

Useful for placing a "floor" or "walls" for objects and armatures. Apply to armature foot bones to prevent them from slipping below the floor.

Patch against current CVS here:

Note for bones: Like other constaints that affect position, this constraint will only change the translations of translatable bones, i.e. root bones. Non-root bones which are part of an IK chain will not be affected directly, although they will of adjust themselves if the constraint is applied to the target of their IK chain.

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