Linked proxy armature object properties can't be edited
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Create one bone aramture, add to group, in "Properteis" widow -> "Object Data" tab, add one custom property, save.
New file, link group from first file, add group instance, make armature proxy (ctrl+p), in "Properteis" widow -> "Object Data" tab - custom properties values can't be changed. New properties can be added - but also with value not editable. Properties can be changed by edit button.
Think properties values must be editable.

blender 2.61, linux x64, nvidia.



Moving it to my list :)

Andrey: you cannot add custom properties to the Object Data - that is still from the library,
A proxy means that only the object (and the pose is there too) is local for editing.

The button should be greyed out though. This is deep in python code...

Campbell: it's in the class WM_OT_properties_add(Operator): (
Needs a check for library data.