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Particles not displaying correctly in 3D window for FACE and VOLUME
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After the 2.6.2 release and bmesh merge (r44275) it appears that particles have issues displaying/rendering with the FACE mode (and also Volume mode). VERT mode works, but to see them you have to edit the object emitting the particles and then exit edit mode for the 3D and cycles render preview to update correctly.

See attached example file. ( note bottom right window needs to be set to RENDERED)

As opened this file has 200 cones from a group of 3 supposedly being emitted from the faces. This does not work and all the cones are located at the centre of the object.

IF you then turn the emit mode to VERT the 3d view updates to show the cones as expected but not the cycles preview window. For this to be updated you must enter EDIT mode on the emitter and then leave it.

For both FACE and VOLUME modes the particles are located at the object centre. To see this set Render-> emitter == off



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* Did a quick check and found that, while face numbers and vertex weights for tessellated mesh is calculated correctly, the tessellation does not exist during actual placement of particles. It then just cancels out.
* Had discussion with Michael Fox (mfoxdogg) on irc about whether it would be better to use bmesh polygons directly, instead of tessellated face data. MiikaH pointed out that tessellation topology would not change by deformation, so this means using the current quad/tri face approach will still work (with known limitations for volume emission).

Will try to fix this later by making sure tessellation is always valid when particles are distributed on emitter. Assigned to myself.

Fixed the missing cycles update in svn and changed the bug name to reflect this.

Campbell fixed it in r44478, thanks a lot!