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Collada import data leak?
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After unsuccessful import of several Collada meshes blender takes 700mb of RAM with empty scene.
Saving that empty scene takes 76MB on hard drive.

There is a Collada example file attached.
I can attach the saved scene if attachments here allow that size.
Blender 2.62w64

P.S. I suppose there's lot's of wasted MBs in my scenes because of unused mesh data of failed imports, is there a way to put that data on scene as a mesh or delete it?


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Blender's garbage collecting isn't ideal in this case. Sometimes it requires to re-save file again to get rid of all unused datablocks. Wouldn't consider this is a bug, it's known behavior.
Not sure why there's no objects creating for this scene, will ask our collada developers to look into this.
Thanks for the report, but collada is currently kind of WIP thing which fails in plenty of cases. so will close report for now.

I tested the attached dae file.

1.) It imports very slowly but it imports. I tested with revision r50362
2.) The 859 imported objects seem to be parented to one empty at location <0,0,0> Is this expected ?

Please can you verify that the import works as expected ?

Indeed slow, but it does work.

Collada Import bugs will be investigated for Blender 2.65

For this reason this Report has been set as "Closed/Todo" and linked from our wiki page.

This tracker item can still be updated with useful info and closed (removed from the page above) when fixed.

Gaia Clary (gaiaclary) closed this task as Archived.Sep 12 2012, 4:25 PM