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VSE: Crossfade Audio effect cannot shortcut
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1. The audio crossfade effect is the only effect that is not in a menu (search from space bar), so you cannot define a hotkey/shortcut for it. And new users cannot find it easily.

2. It only works with 2 audio strips so you cannot fade in or out at the start of a sound. There should be an Add Mute audio Strip (like the Color Strip) for fading in or fading out audio, or it should fade without second strip anyway.



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David, as i understand, it's not actually an effect, it's a small script which inserts some F-Curves to volume and it can't actually be accessed in the same was as other effects..

Joerg, it's kind of old operator, is it still functional and is there some reason not to expose it to the interface?

It functions well, I just thought that it should be exposed. As it is so hard to find without prior knowledge.

It is a great time saver and should be available as a shortcut.

As Sergey said it's only a script that animates the volume of the two strips, not a real effect.

To address point 1: I've added it to the Strips menu if a sound strip is selected and active and it only works with exactly two sound strips selected. Committed to revision 44544.

Regarding point 2: How should the script know where you want to start/end fade-out/-in? You'll have to do this on your own by simply animating the volume. It's as easy as inserting two volume keyframes, one for where you want the fade to start and one where you want it to end.


Joerg Mueller (nexyon) closed this task as Invalid.Feb 29 2012, 12:26 PM

Sorry to post in a closed ticket, but could someone please tell me how to assign a keyboard shortcut to the "Crossfade sounds" operator? I noticed from the console it's name is bpy.ops.sequencer.crossfade_sounds() but when I assigned a shortcut to this nothing worked. I can only call it from the spacebar menu. I can't seem to find any other relevant info on the web except for this page, so maybe you guys are the only ones who know, lol. Thanks.

Never mind, I just realized thanks to nexyon's comment that it is in Strip > Crossfade sounds, and I was able to right click on the menu item and add a shortcut that way. It then showed up in the shortcut mapping list under Sequencer > Sequencer (Global): sequencer.crossfade_sounds I think having the () at the end when I pasted it from console is what caused it not to work for me initially. Problem solved.