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Cycles renderer ignores camera override from sequencer
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It would seem that the Cycles renderer ignores camera override from a sequencer strip. I've created a scene "Scene" with two cameras ("Camera 1" and "Camera 2") and I want to select which one is used for rendering in a sequencer strip. For this I've added "Scene" to the sequencer twice. In one strip I selected "Camera 1" as the camera override, and in the other "Camera 2".

The OpenGL rendered preview shows the proper camera. But when I press F12 to do a Cycles render, it always renders using the scene's current camera (from the scene properties tab) rather than the override from the sequencer strip.

I've attached a Blend file that demonstrates this issue. There are two text objects, "Cam 1" and "Cam 2", and the cameras are set up in such a way that the text object closest to the camera corresponds to the camera, so "Camera 1" sees "Cam 1" closest. This way you can easily identify which camera is being used.

Frames 1-24 should be rendered with "Camera 2", and the sequencer's OpenGL preview shows this, but when you hit F12, Camera 1 is used instead.