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exr files export exports uncompressed
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r44464 64 Bit, Win 7 64 Bit

The software development kit Unity stores its lightmaps in exr format. Blender can open those exr files. Earlier versions of Blender have saved this exr in compressed mode when it was compressed mode. But with a current version of Blender i get a uncompressed filesize when i save the exr file. Means my original file has 160 kb. With Blender r44100 i get a 80 kb result. And with r 44464 i get a 4 Mb result.

Examplefile, containing the original exr, the 80 kb one and the 4 Mb one is attached.


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I found a bug in saving multilayer openexr files compressed, and committed a fix for that. However I'm not sure that is the same issue you found, so please give the exact steps you use to redo this bug?

What I tried for example: open image editor, open LightmapFar-0.exr, save as, choose ZIP codec, and save.

Hi Brecht.

I guess that this is another bug. My steps were much simpler. All i did was to load the LightmapFar-0.exr, and save it then. The compression works when i use it. It`s just that older builds saves compressed exr files as compressed files again without the need to readjust the export settings.

The point is, i cannot know if the original file was uncompressed or compressed without looking at the filesize. And even when i notice that it is compressed, which can be seen at the filesize, i cannot know if the origial is rle compressed, zip compressed, pixr24 compressed, and if it is 16 bit or 32 bit. Those are infos that should be collected when the exr file gets loaded. And get reused when the exr file gets saved. As told, older Blender versions saves the exr file compressed. Newer versions saves the same exr file uncompressed. I hope you get the point :)

If i understand the issue correct, it's just about unable to save file with the same settings as original file. Automatic format settings detection indeed doe not currently happens because of some design issues. It's possible to support but wouldn't consider this is a bug. Added note to
Thanks for the report, but will close it now.

Sergey Sharybin (sergey) closed this task as Archived.Mar 7 2012, 11:01 AM

I see the point. Thanks Sergej :)