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SOC FLUID diff for review before commiting
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here is a diff of the fluid project against bf CVS.

this does not includes the elbeem solver, but only the blender part.

Changes done from the SOC Projects :

- moved fluidsim.c from kernel to src to avoid adding stubs for player
- moved gziped obj reads and writes from fluidsim to derived mesh so that stay in kernel
- N_T already moved elbeem from extern to intern
- killed 99% of the output to console
- added progress bar
- changed cursor to wait cursor (WHY i need to do BC_WAITCURSOR - 1 ???)
- small cleanings of leftovers

note zlib is now needed in kernel



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JLuc Peuriere (lukep) closed this task as Archived.Sep 18 2005, 4:35 PM