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Going to the start frame crashes blender
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I am using Blender 2.62 and for some odd reason Blender repeatedly crashes when I go to my starting frame, I have a camera solver using tracked footage, the scene contains multiple objects that have the new remesh modifier in block mode and a particle system for a rocket trail, it worked without issue before but now every single time I go to the start frame in this specific blend it crashes. It works a bit on the first layer (it will crash eventually though), but the layer below the first one will crash Blender instantly.

How to redo it: Go to the start frame in the Blend file I will provide, if it doesn't crash then hit "alt + A" and it will crash.

I use Blender on Mac OSX Snow Leopard, my 3d card type is a Nvidia GeForce GT 330M and the version of Blender that I use is r44136. I tested this on 2.61 and while it does work without this, I require the remesh modifier for the project I am using.