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Invalid boundaries error message on an edge dissolve.
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After downloading the from the blendbot , i quickly played around some edge dissolve and ran at some point into the following message : "Invalid boundaries region to join face" .

As it happens on a topology that do not seem that unreasonnable, maybe there's a problem there, so i submit the blend for you to be able to check if it is indeed a bug or if it is just something to be expected that i am not aware of, as i know extremely few on the technical aspect of the bmesh system that's always a possibility.

The error message appear when i select one of the 2 edges (displayed in the screenshot attached) , press X then select Dissolve.

If i go into Face selection mode , and select both the larger and the smaller ngon faces , then press X then Dissolve, the error message become "Could not create merged face".

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This is a setup that is not allowed, it would lead to a faces with more than one boundary (inner and outer of the circle), which bmesh can't handle currently. I think there has been some discussion about supporting this, but for now it's working as intended.

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