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Collada Importer get wrong data after bmesh merge
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W7x64/Ubuntu 11.10 x64; PhenomIIx6 1090 BE/ i7 2600; GTX570 1 GB / Radeon HD 6970 1 GB ; RAM 8GB / 12GB

After we import *.dae with static model it may be seems as it must be. But mesh has no UV chanels and all faces are lost then editable mod is on

watch the video about it and sorry my english:



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Juha, can you please check this? Thanks!

Hi Andy,

Blenders svn versions r44683 and above should hopefully fix the issues.

Thanks for the report!

Thanks a lot, it's working now!

kanttori (kanttori) closed this task as Resolved.Mar 7 2012, 5:43 PM

Blender 2.63.13 (r48323)
I have such wierd collada import error: DAE-file was exported from Maya 2012, Blender imports necessary objects, hierarchy and animation almost flawlessly, EXCEPT there is no FACES in meshes! Just cage of vertices and edges between them, but no faces! Selecting all vertices and executing Fill command doesn't help - no surprise. =)
In this particular case I can workaround this - my task is to perform smoke simulation, and I have to make proxy model anyway. But what if need THAT original model from Maya?

Hi, Efim;

it does not make much sense to "reuse" old bug reports,
even if the bugs look similar.

Please can you open a new report and add a .dae file
which demonstrates the problem ? It would be cool
if you could supply a trivial example, preferebly like the
cube in the video.