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hair prevents moving object and creating new keyframe
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== intro ==
The attached .blend is a simple file which exhibits a particle bug that affects animation.
The default cube has been keyframed 6 times at 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100.
It has had Quick Effects > Fur added to it, with no other particle changes.
You can play the animation and see it move, some simple translations and rotations.

== the bug ==
Move to any later frame, say 120. Let's say we want to add one more keyframe.
Select the cube and try to move it anywhere, say, to the left an inch.
The cube instantly reverts back to its frame 100 position.
But the hair appears to stay at the new location. It hasn't actually left the cube - as
soon as you change to another frame (or grab the cube again) the hair jumps back to the cube.
You can retry this repeatedly and not be able to move it.

== workaround ==
In Properties, display the Modifiers panel. Temporarily hide the particles by clicking the eye icon.
Now select the cube and try to move it anywhere, and it moves fine. You can add keyframes fine.
Go back and reshow the hair and it works fine (but the bug is reproducable).

== versions ==
This bug appears to happen in all versions from 2.57 to 2.62.
I originally found it while running 2.62.0 - r44136.
Running on a 1 year old 27" iMac 64 bit under OS X Lion.
I got my friend to load it on his Windows machine and he saw the same behaviour.

== note ==
By the way, moving the cube in the graph editor works fine, even with hair displayed, by adding
additional nodes and just adjusting their values. The bug is limited to the 3D view.



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Fix in svn, thanks for the report.